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Oxva Origin 2 Pod Vape Kit | Lowest Wholesale Price In UK

Oxva Origin 2 Pod Vape Kit | Lowest Wholesale Price In UK

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  • Size: 122.1 x 33.0 x 26.3mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy + Leather + PCTG
  • Display: 0.69in OLED screen
  • Charging: Fast USB-C charging
  • Output Power 5W-80W
  • Advanced Oxva Photon Chipset
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Upgraded leak protection
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable Price


Do you wish to enter an arena where you can Divulge Power and Flexibility in a Pocket-Sized Bundle? Presenting the OXVA Origin 2 Pod Kit, a unique couple mixing strong execution with  helpful convenience. This flexible kit takes special care of both sub-ohm fans and mouth-to-lung vapers, offering an adjustable encounter inside a smooth and beautiful plan. Lock in as we dig into the subtleties, benefits, extraordinary selling focuses, and every now and again posed inquiries encompassing this noteworthy pod kit.


Customisable Twofold Twist System: Users can adjust the Twofold Twist System to precisely match their vaping preferences by using the UNIONE Unit and UniPLUS PnM Case Tank. This system works with both UniCoil and UniPLUS coils to accommodate a range of vaping styles.

Impressive Power Output: The Double Twist Structure is a real powerhouse with an impressive 80W power output that makes it easy for users to experience MTL strikes and create thick mists.

Variable Wattage Control: This feature allows users to customise their vaping experience and get the ideal quantity of vapour production by allowing them to change the wattage range from 5 to 80W.

Variable Airflow Control: Users can enhance inner breath for optimal satisfaction by adjusting their draw for a larger sub-ohm airflow or a more narrow MTL experience by using Variable Wind Stream Control.


Flexibility Unequaled: Whether you long for sub-ohm mists or MTL throat hits, the double pod framework and curl choices take care of individual inclinations.

Adaptable Execution: Flexible wattage and wind current control permit you to tailor your vape to your optimal flavour power and fume volume.

Strong Battery: The underlying 18650 battery (sold independently) conveys broadened vaping meetings, dispensing with the requirement for incessant charging.

Easy to use Plan: The moderate connection point and natural showcase make it simple to explore and change settings, ideal for the two amateurs and experienced vapers.

Watertight Innovation: Partake wrecked-free involvement in sealed pods and buildup control, guaranteeing dependable vaping without fail.

Must Try Flavours 

 Tropical Heaven: Departure to a universe of colourful natural products with a reviving mix of mango, pineapple, and other tropical pleasures.

Cool Mint: Empower your faculties with an eruption of frosty mint, leaving you feeling invigorated and stimulated.

Sweet Berries: Enjoy a sweet and tart blast of ready strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Exemplary Tobacco: For a natural and nostalgic experience, the bona fide tobacco flavour conveys a smooth and fulfilling taste.

Velvety Custard: Indulge yourself with a debauched treat sensation with the rich and smooth kind of vanilla custard.

Unique selling Point

Double Pod Framework: Investigate both sub-ohm and MTL vaping inside one kit, offering unequalled adaptability for assorted inclinations.

80W Power Result: Release noteworthy cloud creation for sub-ohm fans, making it an intriguing find among pod kits.

Overhauled Sealed Plan: Appreciate wreck-free vaping with cutting-edge spill counteraction innovation, guaranteeing a spotless and dependable experience.

Helpful Sort C Charging: Experience quicker and more productive charging contrasted with miniature USB, limiting free time between utilises.

Trendy and Reduced Plan: The smooth and pocket-sized structure factor makes this kit ideal for tactful vaping in a hurry.


Is the Origin 2 Pod Kit reasonable for amateurs?

A: Sometimes it offers different choices, the customizable settings and two-pod frameworks may be more perplexing than some novice kits. It's great for those right with customization and looking for flexibility.

What kind of e-fluid would it be advisable for me to use with the Origin 2 Pod Kit?

A: The kit works best with e-fluids with a VG/PG proportion of 60/40 or higher for ideal cloud creation and flavour.

How long does the battery endure?

A: Battery duration relies upon wattage settings and individual vaping propensities. With moderate use, a solitary 18650 battery can last an entire day or more.

Where might I at any point buy the Origin 2 Pod Kit and substitution curls?

A: The kit and curls are accessible from approved OXVA retailers on the web and in vape shops.


The OXVA Origin 2 Pod Kit goes past the limits of run-of-the-mill pod kits, offering a flexible and strong vaping experience stuffed into a la mode and versatile plan. With its double pod framework, adjustable settings, and redesigned highlights, this kit takes special care of both sub-ohm and MTL vapers, making it a convincing decision for those looking for a dynamic and tasty experience

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