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Elf Bar Mate P1 Pre-Filled Replacement Pods

Elf Bar Mate P1 Pre-Filled Replacement Pods

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  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Leakproof magnetic pod
  • Nicotine Free
  • Dual coil for exceptional taste
  • Stays fresh - Push to activate
  • Easy to use
  • User Friendly
  • Beginner choice

The simple set of two replacement pods for the Elf Bar Mate 500 vape device is now available: the Elf Bar Mte P1 Pre-Filled Replacement Pods. These precisely crafted pods are exclusive to the Mate 500 and will not work with any other model. These pods stand out due to their unique airlock system, which is carefully crafted to maintain the freshness of your e-liquid.

Press up on the special red plastic seal to activate a fresh pod. Allow the seal to do its job for 10 seconds, as seen in the accompanying image, and then indulge in a fulfilling vaping experience. By keeping the e-liquid sealed off from outside air, this procedure protects the coil's integrity as well as the flavour profile. As a result, vaping is consistently fresh and leak-free, which is especially important when travelling. With a 2ml prefilled e-liquid tank capacity, each Elf Bar P1 Pod provides a substantial amount of vaping enjoyment before needing to be replaced. The Elf Bar Mte P1 Pre-Filled Replacement Pods will elevate your vaping experience; they are a marvel of design, practicality, and high-calibre manufacturing.

Must Try Flavours 

Peach Ice, Cola, Cream Tobacco

Peach Ice: Enjoy the scent of ripe peaches being kissed by a cold breeze. The Peach Ice flavour has a hint of menthol that cools down the luscious, juicy flavours of succulent peaches. For those who love a revitalising and cooling feeling with every inhale, this well-balanced blend produces a vaping experience that is not only sweet and fruity but also delivers a delightful ice rush.

Cola: With the Cola flavour, savour the traditional, fizzy flavour of your preferred cola beverage. Experience the well-known cola's rich flavour profile and fizz, expertly encapsulated in a vape pod. The Cola flavour is a great option for people who want the classic flavour of carbonated cola without having to use a can or bottle because it offers a nostalgic yet refreshing experience.

Tobacco Cream: The Cream Tobacco variety offers an elegant combination for those who enjoy flavours that are more nuanced and multi-layered. This flavour creates a well-balanced and enjoyable vape by fusing the earthy, strong notes of tobacco with smooth, creamy undertones. Cream Tobacco is a lovely blend that appeals to people who enjoy the smooth, velvety texture of cream combined with the rich depth of tobacco, making for a complex and opulent vaping experience.


Do other Elf Bar devices work with Elf Bar P1 Pods?

A: No, these pods aren't compatible with other Elf Bar models; they're only meant to be used with the Elf Bar Mate 500 vaping gadget.

When using a new pod, how can I make sure the e-liquid is fresh?

A: In order to preserve freshness, as shown in the accompanying image, wait 10 seconds before vaping after opening a new pod and press upward on the red plastic seal. By doing this, the e-liquid is protected from the coil and the air.

What is the Elf Bar P1 Pods' tank capacity?

A: Prefilled with two millilitres of e-liquid, each pod offers enough for a long vaping session.

Can I use my own e-liquid to refill the Elf Bar P1 Pods?

A: No, these pods cannot be refilled because they are pre-filled. For best results, it is advised to use them up until the e-liquid is completely gone, at which point a new pod should be used.

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