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Box Of 10 Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

Box Of 10 Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

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  • Prime 8000 Disposable Puff Bar Vape Kit
  • 8000 Puffs
  • 2ml E-Liquid Pod Tank Capacity
  • Draw Activate Device & Easy to use
  • Battery 850mAh
  • Nicotine Free
  • Available in 22 Best Flavours
  • Nicotine Free
  • Box of 10pcs
  • Available in Best Flavours

A revolution in the disposable vaping industry, meet the Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape Box of 10. This rechargeable disposable vape, with its innovative features that combine an incredible puff count, a rechargeable battery, and a wide variety of flavours, all packed in a stylish and user-friendly design, redefines the vaping experience. Among disposable vaporizers, the Prime Bar 8000 stands out as a beacon of power and ease, providing an unmatched vaping experience.

This device's amazing capacity to offer up to 8000 puffs per unit is its main feature; it ensures a long-lasting and enjoyable vaping experience without the inconvenience of frequent battery replacements. Convenience is increased by the 2 ml prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank, and usage is made very simple by the draw-activated mechanism. The 850mAh built-in battery supplies the energy needed for a continuous vaping session, and users can have a tasty and smooth vaping session without the addictive ingredient by using disposable vapes without nicotine.

Ten Prime Bar 8000s are packaged together, giving consumers a tonne of flavour variation and dependability. This disposable vape kit has 22 of the best flavours available, so it's a diverse and enticing solution for vapers of all tastes. It also meets a wide range of preferences.

Must Try Flavours 

Mango Peach, Cherry Fizz and The Moon of Mata

Mango Peach: Savour the mouthwatering combination of luscious mango and sweet, juicy peaches that have been expertly mixed. With each inhale, the Prime Bar 8000 Peach Mango flavour offers a delicious symphony of flavours and a burst of fruity pleasure. Savour the tropical overtones of mango blended with the luscious notes of peach to create a delightful and revitalising vaping experience. 

The Moon of Mata: The Prime Bar 8000 Mata Moon flavour will take you to a cosmic dimension. Engage your senses in the enigmatic charm of this special combination, which includes a mix of exotic fruits and a hint of refreshing menthol. Combining the sweetness of several fruits with a faint note of minty freshness, the Mata Moon flavour is energising and refreshing. 

Cherry Fizz: Quench your need for flavours that are strong and bubbly with the Prime Bar 8000 Fizzy Cherry. The lovely blend of sweetness and effervescence in the Fizzy Cherry flavour makes vaping seem just like sipping on a sparkling cherry soda. This flavour makes every puff genuinely refreshing for individuals who like a lively effervescent kick mixed with a surge of fruity exhilaration.


What is the expected number of puffs for each Prime Bar 8000?

With its remarkable puff count of up to 8000 per device, the Prime Bar 8000 is made to provide a long-lasting and enjoyable vaping experience.

How user-friendly is the Prime Bar 8000?

A: The draw-activated function of the Prime Bar 8000 makes it exceedingly simple to operate. The gadget only has to be inhaled to begin working, offering a smooth and hassle-free vaping experience.

Are there any nicotine-free flavours in the Prime Bar 8000?

A: Yes, the Prime Bar 8000 provides customers with disposable vaporizers that are devoid of nicotine, enabling them to savour the variety and depth of flavours without the risk of toxicity.

What is the capacity of the pod tank in terms of E-Liquid?

A: A 2ml prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank is included with every Prime Bar 8000, offering enough vapour for a long session.

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