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Box Of 10 Elf Bar V2 600 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

Box Of 10 Elf Bar V2 600 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

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  • Improved version of the classic Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape
  • 2ml E-liquid 
  • Comes in Pack of 10pcs
  • 2nd Generation of the Elf Bar 600
  • QUAQ-powered Mesh Coil
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • 20mg Nicotine Strength
  • Comes with 30 Best Flavours 
  • MTL Vaping Disposable Vapes
  • Smooth, metallic surface, Sleek Desig
  • All-new metallic outer shell and vivid colours
  • High-performance modular battery

The improved version of the original Elf Bar 600, the Elf Bar V2 600 Disposable Vape, is now available and promises to provide an unmatched vaping experience. This disposable pod, designed for fans of Mouth-to-Lung (MTL), has 2% nicotine intensity (20 mg) for a smooth and pleasurable dose. Its smooth, metallic surface guarantees a pleasant grip while in use in addition to lending a sense of refinement.

With every puff, the 2ml of premium E-liquid that comes packed into each Elf Bar V2 600 delivers a flavorful blast. Because of the device's long-lasting battery, you can continue to enjoy your favourite flavours all day. The addition of the QUAQ-powered Mesh Coil improves performance and offers a reliable and tasty vape.

With the LED Puff Indicator, keeping track of your consumption is simple since it provides a visual indication of how many puffs are left. There is a perfect alternative for every palette among the thirty different flavours available. Because it comes in a compact pack of ten, the Elf Bar V2 600 is a great option for anyone who likes both quantity and quality in their vaping experience.

Must Try Flavours

Mojito, Banana Mango, Cherry Cola

Mojito: Savour the crisp, reviving flavour of a traditional mojito with each puff. Experience the refreshing, exhilarating combination of tart lime and crisp mint, which will make you feel like you're drinking a perfectly made mojito. Your taste receptors will be enticed by the burst of freshness that the Elf Bar V2 600 Mojito flavour gives.

Banana Mango: This mouthwatering combination will take you to a tropical paradise. This flavour combines the luscious, tropical taste of ripe mangoes with the creamy smoothness of ripe bananas. The ultimate result is a smooth fusion that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a sun-kissed retreat, transporting the breather through the rich tastes of the tropics with every sniff.

Cherry Cola: This flavour will quench your desire for anything different. Savour the crisp, sweet kick of ripe cherries combined with the fizz of cola. With a lovely twist of cherry goodness, the Elf Bar V2 600 Cherry Cola flavour delivers a vaping experience that perfectly balances fruitiness and fizziness, emulating the classic soda.


What is the duration of the Elf Bar V2 600 battery?

A: The long-lasting battery of the Elf Bar V2 600 is made to offer plenty of vaping time. Users can often anticipate prolonged usage before the need for a replacement, while the precise length of time will depend on individual usage patterns.

Can I use my own e-liquid to refill the Elf Bar V2 600?

A: No, the Elf Bar V2 600 is a throwaway gadget that comes with two millilitres of high-quality e-liquid pre-filled. Refilling is not advised since it could affect how well the gadget works.

What role does the LED Puff Indicator play?

A: The LED Puff Indicator indicates how many puffs are left in the Elf Bar V2 600 and acts as a visual guide. Users can track their consumption with this functionality and make plans appropriately.

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