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Aroma King

Box Of 10 Aroma King Gem 600 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

Box Of 10 Aroma King Gem 600 Disposable Vape | Best Wholesale Price In UK

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  • Puffs: 600 Puffs
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Draw Activated
  • Ideal For Mouth to Lung Vaping
  • Nicotine Free
  • Compact & Light
  • Convenient & Stylish Design
  • Non-Refillable/Non-Rechargeable
  • TPD Compliant
  • Built-in Battery
  • Easy to use

The Aroma King Gem 600 Disposable Vape is a cutting-edge vaping experience that offers a never-before-seen combination of convenience and flavour. Ten well made disposable vapes are included in every package, so you'll always have a dependable and fulfilling choice on hand when the urge comes. Experienced and novice vapers alike will find the Aroma King Gem 600 to be a great option because it can produce up to 600 puffs each device, providing a luxurious and prolonged vaping session.

The Aroma King Gem 600 is draw-activated, meaning it doesn't require buttons or complex settings, making it a very user-friendly device. The device activates with a simple inhale and releases a tasty and smooth vapour. With a nicotine level of 20 mg (2%) it offers a strong but not overpowering sensation that suits a variety of tastes. The Aroma King Gem 600 offers a wide range of 19 flavours, so there's sure to be a delicious choice for any taste. You may personalise your vaping experience with the variety of options available, ranging from traditional tobacco to fruity blends and cool mint. The Aroma King Gem 600 is ideal for people who are on the road or want to stock up on their favourite flavours because it is conveniently packaged in a set of ten pieces. Refilling and charging is no longer necessary; instead, enjoy the ease of use and happiness that come with the Aroma King Gem 600 Disposable Vape.

Must Try Flavours

Cola, Lemon Lime, Pink Orange Fizz

Cola Flavor: Savour the sentimental allure of the Aroma King Gem 600 Cola flavour. The fizzy and effervescent aromas of your favourite cola beverage are captured in this delicious vaporizer. Savour the well-known flavours of sweet caramel, delicate spices, and a hint of citrus that resembles the fizz of carbonated soda with every puff. 

Lemon Lime Flavor: With the Aroma King Gem 600 Lemon Lime flavour, go on a zesty journey. This zesty and energising vape blend combines the crispness of limes with the acidic brightness of lemons. With each inhale, the delightful ballet of citrus flavours tantalises your taste receptors. 

Pink Orange Fizz: Taste the Aroma King Gem 600 Pink Orange Fizz flavour for a rush of juicy delight. This special blend gives a fun twist to the vaping experience by fusing the juicy, sweet notes of ripe pink oranges with a sparkling effervescence. Every puff captures the essence of what it feels like to sip on a sparkling pink orange soda on a bright day. 


What is the expected number of puffs for each Aroma King Gem 600?

A: With up to 600 puffs available, the Aroma King Gem 600 guarantees a satisfying and prolonged vaping experience.

Is it simple for beginners to use the Aroma King Gem 600?

A: Of course! Because the gadget is draw-activated, both novice and experienced vapers can easily use it.

What level of nicotine is available in the Aroma King Gem 600?

A: With a nicotine dosage of 20 mg (2%), the Aroma King Gem 600 offers a pleasant hit without being overly potent.

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